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Minnesota Pipes and Drums at VBF 2023

A pipe band is a musical ensemble consisting of pipers and drummers. The term used by military pipe bands, pipes and drums, is also common.

The most common form of pipe band, the Scottish/Irish pipe band, consists of a section of pipers playing the great highland bagpipe, a section of snare drummers (often referred to as ‘side drummers’), several tenor drummers and usually one, though occasionally two, bass drummers. The entire drum section is known collectively as the drum corps. The tenor drummers and bass drummer are referred to collectively as the ‘bass section’ or as the ‘midsection’. The band follows the direction of the pipe major; when on parade, the band may be led by a drum major, who directs the band with a mace. Standard instrumentation for a pipe band involves 6 to 25 pipers, 3 to 10 side drummers, 1 to 6 tenor drummers and 1 bass drummer. (Minnesota Scottish Fair & Highland Games website)

The Minnesota Pipes and Drums is a nationally recognized competition and performance bagpipe and drum corps based in Minneapolis. The band performs throughout the year at parades, concerts, and global competitions. Since 1963 their mission has been to carry on the rich history and heritage of Scottish music by performing for the community and making lessons available to all, free of charge.

Minnesota Pipes and Drums will perform at 3:00 pm on Saturday, July 29 at Vintage Band Festival 2023 in Northfield.