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Give to the Max Day celebrates 15 years in 2023!

Thursday, November 16 is Give to the Max Day in Minnesota. This one-day giving extravaganza makes it extra easy to give to non-profit organizations efficiently and quickly. The beauty of this platform is that if a donor wants to support more than one organization, it can be done without leaving the site. In addition, it offers donors the opportunity to win Golden Tickets throughout the day which will ultimately provide even more funding for their favorite causes.

There is a $100,000 prize grant pool that has been provided by the Bush Foundation. The grants will be awarded to the winners of the Golden Ticket Drawings which occur every 15 minutes and once an hour throughout the day on November 16. There is one Super-Sized Golden Ticket drawn at the end of the day for $10,000. Golden Ticket winners can give their grant to any one of the organizations that they support. There is no limit to the number of Golden Tickets that any organization can win.

The 15-minute Golden Ticket prizes are $500 and the hourly Golden Ticket prizes are $1,000. In addition, donations that are made during Early Giving (November 1-15) will be eligible for the once-daily Golden Ticket of $500. All donations from November 1-15 are eligible for all Golden Ticket drawings on November 16.

Give to the Max Day was started in 2009 and this year is celebrating 15 years of collective giving in Minnesota. Vintage Band Festival has participated in all 15 Give to the Max Days! We have been fortunate to have won a Golden Ticket as well.

There are many strategies about how and when to submit donations to maximize the chances of winning a Golden Ticket. The one that makes the most sense to us is to decide the amount of  your donation and then divide it into smaller amounts so that you can have more than one entry in the Golden Ticket competition. For example, if a person wanted to give $100 total to Vintage Band Festival, making 5 donations of $20 at various times or 10 donations of $10 spread out  through the day would generate additional entries for the drawings.

However, don’t overthink it! The important thing is to participate in any way that is right for you. Whatever you choose to do, if you give to Vintage Band Festival, it will be greatly appreciated!

By the way, the next Vintage Band Festival is July 27, 2024. And don’t forget Tuba Christmas in Northfield on Saturday, December 2, 2023.