Early Reservation of VBF 2013 Special Event Tickets

Coming Soon: early availability of VBF special event TICKETS: (all with limited seating)

• Lunch, Listen and Learn at Contented Cow for Wednesday July 31, Thursday August 1, Friday August 2, Saturday August 3: $10.00 each (food and music)

• German Food and Music: with Bavarian Musikmeisters, Sunday afternoon, August 4. Northfield Senior Center. Cost: tba

• 19th Century Cotillion Ball with Dodworth Saxhorn Band; Northfield Armory. Saturday, August 3, 8:00 PM- Tickets free to donors who request them.

• North Star Cinema Orchestra- Vaudeville Entertainment and Silent Moving Pictures. Sunday, August 4, Grand Entertainment Center, 7:00 P.M. Tickets free to donors who request them.

To reserve tickets contact VBF HQ at 507-321-1250 or <vintagebandfestival@gmail.com>. Tickets can also be obtained in person at HQ (CHM 117 St. Olaf College) or at the VBF Booth- Northfield Riverwalk Marketfair on Saturday mornings (we also have shirts, hats, info, etc).

VBF HQ will open on Bridge Square on Saturday, July 27th,