Volunteer for VBF 2016!

VBF 2016 Volunteer Needs Summary 

If you have a question about or are interested in volunteering, email vintagebandfestival@gmail.com or Volunteer Coordinator Vicky Langer at vlanger26@gmail.com.

If you have reviewed all the tasks listed below or already know you would love to volunteer, click  on the link provided below and it will take you to our sign up sheet with times, dates, and tasks for you to input your information. Thanks


Here’s an overview of the tasks that need to be done to make the festival a success. Thank you for considering sharing your time with us while enjoying the festival! Remember the Festival dates for 2016 are July 28-31!


1. Bridge Square Emcees: Announce each band. Announce about programs, surveys, donations, and pins. Facilitate collection of donations and pledge cards. Supervise/host this site for this concert. (12, 45-minute shifts throughout the day – one for each band)

2. Bridge Square Setup: Set up equipment, barriers, chairs, signs, etc. (6 spots, 8-9am)

3. Bridge Square Stage Assistants: Help bands with any setup needs. (many spots, 2-4 per band, throughout the day)

4. Bridge Square Tear-Down: Pack up equipment, barriers, return things to storage. (6 spots, starting around 9pm)

5. Headquarters: Assist public with information, programs, donor pledges, pins, tickets, T shirt, Hat, CD Sales, etc. (multiple spots throughout the day)

6. “Gofers”: Someone VBF can call on when we need an errand done on days of the festival. Thursday, July  28th; Friday, July 29th; Saturday, July 30th; and Sunday July 31st. The task and errands of each day depends on what is need. Flexibility is a key to being a Gofer!

7. Safety, Sanitation, and Recycling: Help move in street barriers, extra garbage, and recycling bins to area around Bridge Square; this coordinates with setup of Showmobile. Also cleaning during the festival to keep the community space clean and open.

8. Lunch, Listen and Learn attendants: Each day from 11:30-2:00 we need 3 volunteers to assist the staff at the Contented Cow Pub in  serving lunch to customers and Vintage Band Festival musicians.