VBF 2021 Band Schedule

The bands that are performing between 9:30 am and 6:15 pm are all playing 45 minutes sets. There will be 15-minute stage changes every 60 minutes on the quarter hour.

  • 9:30–Above Average Tuba Quartet

  • 10:30–Jack Brass Band

  • 11:30–Sheldon Theatre Brass Band

  • 12:30–Twin Cities Trumpet Ensemble

  • 1:30–Banda La Verdadera

  • 2:30–Lake Wobegon© Brass Band

  • 3:30–Brio Brass

  • 4:30–Bavarian Musikmeisters

  • 5:30–Southside Aces

  • 6:45–Copper Street (60 minutes)

  • 8:15–Roseville Big Band (90 minutes)

Click on the image below for the official schedule board for Vintage Band Festival 2021.