VBF 2016 Indoor Concert Venues

First United Church of Christ


1:00 pm                WindWorks


10:15 am              Mark Ponzo, cornet soloist (Cornopeon)

2:00 pm                Dolcé Wind Quintet


9:30 am                1st Brigade Band

11:00 am              Friedemann Immer and Don Johnson: The Keyed Trumpet, Lecture/Performance; First United Church of Christ

Northfield Hospital


12:00 pm              Original Drachenfelser Musikanten

2:00 pm                Orphan Brigade Band

Northfield Retirement Community Chapel


12:00 pm              Dolcé Wind Quintet

2:00 pm                Newberry’s Victorian Cornet Band


1:00 pm                 Polished Brass Quintet

4:00 pm                Cedar Valley Brass Quintet

Northfield Public Library


3:00 pm                Kentucky Baroque Trumpets

4:00 pm                WindWorks Quintet

Northfield Senior Center


4:00 pm                 Swing and a Miss

The Weitz Center for Creativity, Carleton College


9:00 am                Historic Brass Society- Opening Meeting (Weitz Cinema)

9:30 am                Historic Brass Society- Glen Newton- British Brass Bands in Minnesota  (Weitz Cinema)

10:15 am              Historic Brass Society- Maya Santamaria- The “Banda” Movement in the United States  (Weitz Cinema)


9:00 am                Historic Brass Society-Bruce Gleason – Mounted Military Brass Bands in the U.S.  (Weitz Cinema)

9:30 am                Historic Brass Society-Ron Rodman- World War One and Sousa  (Weitz Cinema)


9:00 am                Historic Brass Society- Chris Hasselbring – teaching modern trumpet technique through the use of natural trumpet  (Weitz Cinema)

9:00 am                Historic Brass Society- Tracey Gibbens and Nolan Hauta- “Vernon Malone and his Legacy in Virginia, MN 1918-1948. “  (Weitz Cinema)

7:00 pm               “Vaudeville and War Bond Rally” Northstar Cinema Orchestra