VBF 2016 Donors


$1,000 or more

Community Resource Bank

First National Bank of Northfield

Northfield Rotary Club (District 5960, Club #2157)

Northfield VFW Post #4393

Red Wing Shoe Foundation

Southeastern Minnesota Arts Council

Wenger Foundation

Carl and Joan Behr

Doug and Mary Jones

Norman Oberto

Brett Reese

Bardwell and Charlotte Smith

Lois and Noel Stratmoen



Ahlman’s Guns

Willies’ Shoes

Diana L Abbott

Gerry and Janet Besser

Rod  and Deb Christensen

Bill and Laurie Cowles

Tim and Carol Cowles

David and Donna L Knudtson

Robert E Perkins

David Reitz



Northfield Lions Club

Fireside Orchard and Gardens

Heritage Dental Care

Thomas F. Anderson

Daniel Bergeson and Tripp Ryder

John Bremer

Judy Broske

David Brown

Jim and Judy Cederberg

Cliff and Grace Clark

Richard and Katherine Collman

Jayne Hager Dee

Margaret and Sam Deel

Charlotte and Ray DeVries

Mary and Patrick Douglass

James Driver

Mary Dunnewold and Jeff Ondich

David and Mary Emery

Lee and Joan Engquist

Duane Engstrom

Richard J Falck

Gerry and Carol Gengenbach

Terry and Norma Gilbertson

Dennis and Janet Hahn

Wilfred Heine

Karl and Dao Hella

Charles and Anita Hellie

Doris J Hill

Marty and Shana Hodel

Andrea and Bryan Hoff

David Hoiness

Jane and Bill Horton

Gary and Andrea Iseminger

Kathy Jenkins

Carolyn Jennings

Jennifer and Bill Johnson

Janice Joyner

Don and Joan Kark-Niehaus

George and Barbara Klosinski

Pat and Doug Kreisel

Dianne and Charles Kyte

Lois and Ed Langerak

Charles Messner

Owen and Myrna Mibus

Stan Mork

Ann Neely

Jeanette S Nelson

Kari Nelson and Steve Meyer

Tim O’Connell

Patricia G Ophaug

David and Diane Otterness

Paul and Marilyn Raadt

Mary Raney

Steve and Rhonda Reece

Bill and Anne Riggs

Janice Roetzel

Brynhild Rowberg

Carol Rutz

Kenneth and Kay Sahlin

James J Schlichting

Richard A Schulte

Jack and Pam Schwandt

Heather Scott

Lynne Severson

Stewart and Shirley Shaft

Jack and Brenda Sielaff

Jan and Stan Stevens

Paul and Joanne Stohl

David and Mary Suderman

Duane and Gail Sudman

Donale Sward

Bill and Merrell Thornton

Kelli Rae Tubbs

Robert and Claudia Tuma

Peter and Karen Webb/Saxe

Chris and Deanne Weber

Clark and Eve Webster

Molly and Bill Woehrlin




Karen Achberger

Janie Anderson

Bernard Auge

Rebecca and Gary Benedict

Jim and Susan Berdahl

Ronald and Elizabeth Berry

Cheryl A Biegler

Judy and Armand Boehme

Marsha H Bohunko

Bernard Borene

Diane Boyum

Judith Brown-Wescott

Bob Bruce

Christopher Brunelle

Cynnie Buchwald

Susan and Todd Carlson

Bill and Nancy Child

Dan and Karen Christ

Richard Scott Cohen

Greg and Gretchen Colby

Keith and Judy Covey

Ray and Ellen Cox

Richard Crouter

Sarah Deel

Judith Dirks

Mary Ann M Eckart

Maggie and Lewis Epstein

Shirley Falck

Elaine Feroe

James Finholt

Kevin Frawley

Bob and Jane Gelle

A Diane Genova

Marie Gery

Vince and Paula Granquist

Gerald W Greupner

Dave and Mary Hakes

David and Joan Halvorson

Dorothy and James Hammer

Jerry P Hankins

Richard F Hansen

Gretchen G. Hardgrove

Laura Heiman

Jonathan Hill

Sonja Hillestad

Jane and Bill Horton

Roger Huss

Susan Hvistendahl

Dick and  Leone Jarvis

Barbara Jenkins

Pat A Johnson

Orpah L Johnson

Curtis G Johnson

Elaine and Robert Kadow

Garda and Robert Kahn

Judy A Karlson

Virginia King

George and Virginia Kinney

Dick and JoAnn Kleber

DuWayne W Kloos

Fred and Eileen Knudsen

Kathy and Art Kopseng

Carol and Bruce Korda

Perry and Ruth Kruse

Dianne and Charles Kyte

Annalee Rantapaa Larson

Ken S Latham, Jr.

Tania Larson Legvold

Reinhold and  Lorraine Lemke

Marlys Livingood

Tim and Sue Lloyd

Mary Cay Longley

Cynthia Lund

Neil Lutsky

Rick and Ione Mansfield

Donna and Richard Maus

Anne B. Mayer

Brynda B McCoy

Gerry and Karen Meidt

Owen and Myrna Mibus

David Miller

Janet Mitchell

Jackie Nelson

Imogene R Nelson

Paul and Merna Nelson

Imogene R Nelson

Mary Ellen Novotny

Donna N Paulsen

Don and Bonnie Pavek

Roberta A. Peterson

Paul Peterson

Peggy Prowe

Craig Redalen

Joy Riggs and Steve Lawler

Lois Robertson

Bruce and Pam Santerre

William and Peggy Scarlett

Patricia and David Schmidt

Peter Seitz

Patricia Smith

Kathleen Sommers

Philip Spensley

Sarah Stevens

Dr Farrell S Stiegler, M.D.

Linda G Storlie

Gary and Janette Stromley

Judy Swanson

Phyllis J. J Swanson

William C Talen

Dale Talley

Bill and Merrell Thornton

Patricia Tieskoetter

Fredrick Tillery

Dale and Rose Turnacliff

Kathleen L Vang

Linda and Gary Wagenbach

Frank and Susan Weaver

DeWayne and Theo Wee

Walter J Wegner

Mary and James Weidner

Doris K Welke

Richard and Donna  Werdahl

Blanche White

Gary Wicks

Susan Wilcox

Candace Wilkinson

Gerald and Florraine Williams

Arnold and Celena Witt

Barbara Zaveruha