Vintage Band Festival, a four-day festival every three years, provides a joyful, fun, and family-friendly atmosphere with eclectic brass music played by bands from all over the world. Audiences of all ages get to enjoy the beautiful city of Northfield at both outdoor and indoor venues and experience the musical and historical legacy that Northfield has been able to cultivate. Other nearby cities are featured as well. Music and history lovers alike will be engaged by the exceptional and out of the ordinary music experience and emphasis on historical music, dress, dance, and ambience.

In 2015, Vintage Band Festival is again hosting a one-day festival at Bridge Square in Northfield from 9am-9pm on Saturday, August 1st. Twelve regional bands will share their music throughout the day. Local restaurants will have food available around the square area, and Riverwalk Market Fair will have booths set up through 1:00pm.

The VBF articles of incorporation list these as our mission and goals:

a. Celebrate the beautiful downtown Northfield as an outdoor performance park, and an attractive destination for local music and history lovers, as well as tourists from all over the United States;

b. Create a high quality music listening experience that will satisfy and be memorable;

c. Cultivate the historical theme of our city through emphasis on historical music, dress, dance, and ambience.

d. Use the entire city as an outdoor performance venue, including parks, retirement centers, as well as Division Street areas, churches, etc;

e. Engage the cooperation of all interested organizations and institutions in a united effort to accomplish a great cultural event;

f. Reach audiences of all ages and backgrounds with a wide variety of performances;

g. Make Vintage Band Music Festival a destination for nationally and internationally known music ensembles as well as regional and statewide groups;

h. Continue to emphasize the connection between live music and the restaurant/entertainment venues in the city of Northfield.

i. Make Vintage Band Music Festival a downtown Northfield cultural event, not primarily associated with any college or other local institution, but embracing the cooperation of all;

j. Generally promote the idea that Northfield is a cultural city;

k. Exercise other powers that are consistent with the foregoing purposes and are allowed by the Minnesota Non Profit Corporation Act.

2017 Festival Board of Directors

Paul Niemisto – Artistic Director

Dan Bergeson – President

Carl Behr – Vice President

Jan Stevens – Secretary

Sam Deel– Treasurer

Joy Riggs – Grant writer

Lois Stratmoen – Donor Correspondent

Bill Thornton

Greg Colby

Vicki Langer

Jesse Streitz

John Stull