Bridge Square Main Stage


4:00 pm                 Newberry’s Victorian Cornet Band

5:00 pm                 Original Drachenfelser Musikanten

6:00 pm                OPEN

7:00 pm                 Copper Street Brass

8:00 pm                 Jack Brass Band


1:00 pm                 Independent Silver Band

2:00 pm                 Original Drachenfelser Musikanten

3:00 pm                 Ameriikan Poijat

4:00 pm                 1st Brigade Band

5:00 pm                 OPEN

6:00 pm                 Newberry’s Victorian Cornet Band

7:00 pm                 Kentucky Baroque Trumpets

8:00 pm                 Banda la Verdadera


9:00 am                 Orphan Brigade Band

10:00 am               New Prague Area Community Band

11:00 am              1st Minnesota Fife and Drum music: John Guthmann and Luke Friedrich

12:00 pm               Battle of the Bands along the Cannon River: 1st Brigade Band, Independent Silver Band, Kentucky Baroque Trumpets, liberty Band of Iowa, Marengo Civil War Band, Orphan Brigade Band

1:00 pm                 Original Drachenfelser Musikanten

2:00 pm                 Twin Cities Trumpet Ensemble

3:00 pm                 Independent Silver Band

4:00 pm                 Marengo Civil War Band

5:00 pm                 Brio Brass

6:00 pm                 34th Infantry Division Concert Band (The Red Bull Band)

7:00 pm                 Liberty Band of Iowa

8:30 pm                 Buddy Koopmans Orchestra (WWII Victory Swing Dance)


12:00 pm              Swing and a Miss

1:00 pm               Sheldon Theatre Brass Band

2:00 pm                Lake Wobegon Brass Band

3:00 pm                Minnesota State Band

4:00 pm                OPEN

5:00 pm                Bavarian Musikmeisters