Bridge Square and Way Park volunteers

The two outdoor venues at Vintage Band Festival require volunteers to fulfill a number of tasks.

Bridge Square hours

Thursday   4pm-10pm

Friday       12pm-10pm

Saturday    9am-10pm

Sunday      12pm-10pm

Way Park Hours

Friday-Sunday   12pm-5pm

Stage Hands and Equipment Minders

Performance sets are either 45 or 90 minutes in duration. The 45-miinute sets have a 15 minute turnaround time to get the finishing band off the stage and the next band on the stage. During that time we need 4-5 volunteer stage hands to rearrange the chairs and music stands on the stage to accommodate the next performers.  We would like these folks to work 2-hour shifts at a minimum.

Information Tent shifts

We need volunteers to staff the Bridge Square Information Tent for 2-4 hour shifts. Tasks include answering customer questions, selling merchandise, taking donations.

Meet and Greet the Audience

Meeters and Greeters will take programs and audience survey cards out into the audience and encourage new arrivals to take a free program and fill out the survey cards.

What to do if you want to volunteer

If you’re interested in becoming a Vintage Band Festival Volunteer, click on this link and sign up now. Our Volunteer Coordinator will respond to you soon.please