The Bands and The Music

Here is the roster for Vintage Band Festival 2013. Audio samples can be found here.

Ensemble From
Kentucky Baroque Trumpets Kentucky
Oktetten Ehnstedts Eftr. (Swedish Wind Band) Sweden
Medevi Brunnsorkester (Brass Sextet) Sweden
Eine Kleine DorfMusik Kapelle (Bohemian Band) Austria
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (New Orleans & Delta style) Illinois
Original Drachenfelser Musikanten (Polka Band) Germany
Independent Silver Band  (19th Century) Illinois
Newberry’s Victorian Cornet Band (19th Century) Maryland
Dodworth Saxhorn Band  (Civil War era) Michigan
Kenny Carr and the Tigers (Shout Band) North Carolina
Lex Ham Community Band Minnesota
Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Cowboy Band Texas
Frontier Brigade Band  (Civil War) Texas
26th North Carolina Regimental Band  (Civil War) Maryland
1st Brigade Band   (Civil War) Wisconsin
Century Brass Band (Civil War) Minnesota
Copper Street Brass Quintet Minnesota
North Star Vaudeville Orchestra Minnesota
Schell’s Hobo Band (Schnikelfritz) Minnesota
Sheldon Theatre Brass Band (British Style) Minnesota
Dolcé Woodwind Quintet Minnesota
Ameriikan Poijat (Finnish Brass Band) Minnesota
New Prague Area Community Band Minnesota
New Ulm Original German Band Minnesota
Brass Messengers  (Balkan Band) Minnesota
Lake Wobegon© Brass Band (British Style) Minnesota
Swing and a Miss (Jazz and Swing) Minnesota
Jack Brass Band (New Orleans Style) Minnesota
Klezmerica  (Klezmer Band) Minnesota
Mariachi Mi Tierra Band Minnesota
Matterhorn Alphorns Minnesota
Minnesota State Band Minnesota
The Bavarian Musikmeisters Minnesota
WindWorks Quintet Minnesota